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Jack Riepe, born in Jersey City and successfully abandoned by his parents after multiple attempts, was raised by wolves in a national park. He was found by authorities and placed in a foster home run by attorneys for the sake of continuity.

Jack Riepe now lives in Wilmington, New York, where he trains freshwater clams for circus acts.  Mr. Riepe was an associate publisher of Business Travel Executive Magazine until 1996. He is a public relations specialist for a leading segment of the transportation lobby, and a well-known personality in business travel management circles.  Many of his quotes and stories have appeared in publications like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, and Crain's Business—all attributed to individuals easily mistaken for cardboard cut-outs or bodies seeking re-animation.

Politically Correct Cigar Smoking For Social Terrorists is more than just the funniest damn book ever written about cigars. It's a unique perspective on romance, politics, economics, science and America's hottest new trend -- cigar smoking. Winner of the Institute of Holistic Dry Cleaning's prestigious “Golden Hand Grenade Award” (for advice on relationship building in third and fourth marriages), this book offers a rare insight into subhuman nature. Author and humorist Jack Riepe spared neither himself, nor anyone else, in a desperate bid to tell his side of 30 outrageous stories.

Revealed For The First Time:

• Intimate details of the author's clandestine love affairs...

Chapters 9 and 12

• Who really smokes the cigars in the Oval Office...

Chapter 22

• Proven techniques for getting what you want on Father's Day...

Chapter 14

• The hidden implications of women smoking cigars...

Chapter 5

• Guaranteed Household Chore Escape Techniques...

Chapter 6

• Swell Business Paradigms For Changing Corporate Cultures...

(Not A Chance! This book was written for the living.)

• And Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cigars, in 30 hilarious chapters!


Politically Correct Cigar Smoking For Social Terrorists is raising smoke signals on every horizon...

“Outrageously funny! Jack Riepe is smoking and about to burst into flames. Rabid feminists... Pandering politicians... Transparent anti-smoking legislation... All are politically correct grist for Riepe's cynicism mill. The funniest book ever written about cigars!”

Dale Scott -- Author of How To Select & Enjoy Premium Cigars

“When was the last time you laughed until it hurt? Jack Riepe is out to avenge the abused cigar smokers of the world by torturing everyone else in the pages of this book. Riepe cuts through the blue haze of the cigar smoking craze to tell it like it's never been told before. This book is a refreshing breath of smoke for cigar lovers in troubled times.”

Craig Nelson -- President of the original Cigar of the Month Club

“I haven't smoked a cigar in 10 years, nor have I recently smoked a ham. But I savored the way Jack Riepe ‘smokes’ lawyers, politicians and the harpies of politically correct hell, leaving only ashes and laughs behind. Riepe writes directly to the social terrorist in all of us.”

Darryl Jenkins -- Author of The Handbook of Airline Economics

“If you go for the politically correct, the trendy, and the socially acceptable — don't buy this book. But if you want to laugh until your sides split — do!”

Bridget Mintz Testa -- Author of Graphical Treasures On The Internet

“A book shall be written at the end of the 20th Century that will forever change the destiny of mankind. This is that book.”

Nostradamus -- (A Very Loose Translation)

“Required reading for all of our members.”

W. Filcher Pickthread -- Executive Director for The Institute Of Holistic Dry Cleaning

It is our pleasure to present two chapters from Jack Riepe's


Chapter One

A First Time For Everything...

Chapter 21

The 200th Cigar

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